The new FIVB Olympic qualification System

The new FIVB Olympic qualification System

Last Updated: September 1, 2021By

The FIVB has made some major changes to the way the olympic qualification system will work leading up to the 2012 olympics in London.

A total of 24 teams will compete in each of the Olympic beach volleyball competitions.

16 will come from the FIVB world tour rankings

5 will come from the winners of the new Continental Beach Volleyball World Cup, which are to be run by each of the 5 Confederations.

  • NORCECA – North & Central American Confederation
  • CEV – European Confederation
  • AVC – Asian Confederation
  • CSV – South American Confederation
  • CAVB – African Confederation

The most interesting aspect
of the Continental Cups is that these 5 places are owned by the winning federation, NOT by the winning team, so it is possible that a federation will not send the team that actually won the place.

Two more teams will come from the FIVB Beach Volleyball World Cup Olympic Qualification tournament

The final place is reserved for the host country.

The usual country quota of two teams is still in play.

So what do you think?

Is this a better way to run the qualification process?

Is it unfair for athletes who commit to playing the entire FIVB World Tour, or does it create an opportunity for teams who find it hard to spend 4 months of the year in Europe?

Do you think that we will see politics entering into the selection for 5 Continental positions?