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Session 1 – Week 1 – Weights

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This is my over all body program for getting back into the swing of weight training after a couple of months off. You will notice that I am lifting everything with a 4 second/2 second pace. This means lifting lighter weight, and it is harder, but the theory is that it will engage and use up more muscle fibre and therefore you’ll build mucle faster. At this stage in preparation I’m not worried about the fact that I will be building slow muscle. That can be corrected closer to competition. Right now, I just want to put on as much bulk and strength as possible.

As a general rule, I start with the larger muscle groups first:

Lower Body: I’ll do all of these at about 60 – 70% of my max. for the first week, and then start pushing harder over the next three or four weeks.

Calf Raises – 4 contract, 2 seconds extend, (count it out). 3 sets of 12 reps

Leg extensions – 4 seconds extend, 2 seconds contract (count it out). 3 sets of 8 reps

Hamstring Curl – 4 seconds extend, 2 seconds extend 3 x 8

Squats – Very light, maybe 20% max. Don’t do this one unless you have done them before, or have a coach handy to spot you. 3 x 8

Upper Body:  Again, 80% or less.

Bench: 4 seconds up, 2 seconds down. 3 x 8

Seated row: 4 seconds contract, 2 seconds release, 3 x 8

Bicep Curl: 4 seconds – 2 seconds, 3 x 8

Tricep Extension: 4 seconds – 2 seconds, 3 x 8

And last of all, I’ll do 250 sit ups. Most of the time I’ll break it down into 2 x 50 squats, and then 1 x 50 each side, side raises, and 50 back extensions. I don’t worry about what I do too much, as long as I do a little bit on all four sides, (I.e. front, back, left side and right side) and most importantly, I make sure I do 250. I find that in the case of abs, if I start doing the harder, lower rep stuff, I tend to err. on the side of not doing enough. This is the one area where I work harder, not smarter. ;-)

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