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Queensland beach volleyball tour

Last Updated: September 1, 2021By

QLD admin just got back to us with a link to their super sexy beach volleyball tour home page:


The winners in the mens draw in the latest tourney were Daniel Carey and Isaac Kapa. Both athletes sporting a “AAAA” rating!. Yep, that’s four “A’s” not a typo. I’m not sure Karch even got there… 😉 But seriously, it’s good to see Isaac out there dominating. Hopefully he might get back on the World Tour some time in the near future. (You’re a legend too Dan)

The latest in the womens was Candice MacCarthy and Claire Kelly.

QLD looks like it has a great tour set up with lots of events. Unfortunately they don’t seem to be posting any pics, but there are a stack of sponsors in their website footer, which is always a good sign.