Qualification Poland – Mazury Open – Stare Jablonki

Poland is going to be an interesting tournament for Australia.

Apart from the two teams in the women’s qualifiers, who both have very good chances of coming through, we have a debut appearance of a new team, Luke Campbell and Dan Carey.

But lets start with the girls.

Palmer-Bawden, coming off a great tournament in Klagenfurt (17th), have what should be a relatively easy first round match against Stastna-Grygarova CZE, before meeting the winner of Brown-Herbert GBR [19] Vs Bratuhhina-Puri EST [14].

Rohkamper-Jensen meet Ozaki-Kusano JPN first up. This is a fairly new Japanese team, and have not produced any good results yet. If Alice and Heike can get through that they are likely to face the British team of Johns-Boulton. Palmer-Bawden defeated this team last week quite comfortably, so it’s certainly a winnable draw.

The men’s draw is not up yet, but Boehm-McHugh will go in at about 22nd seed, and Campbell-Carey will go in at about seed 50, which will give them a fairly tough first round match. We’ll be watching with interest.

This new Aussie team is going to be interesting for a number of reasons. Obviously first up, we have one of our best indoor middle blockers on the sand, and secondly we have a genuine beach volleyballer player behind him in Dan Carey. I think it’s great that this guy has a chance to get out there. He’s proven himself to have what it takes to beat guys that are much bigger then he is, and playing behind a block like Campbells is exactly what he needs to take it to the next level.