Perfect side out drill

Perfect side out drill

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This is a great drill for working on your line and cut shot.

Draw the usual zones into both ends of the court, as per the diagram.


Here are the rules

  • Start with a normal game situation. Two players on either side of the net.
  • The only way to score a point is to side out with a shot into one of the zones. If you side out successfully but the ball lands outside a zone, then you win the reception.
  • The zone in the middle of the baseline is only a power spike, roll shots not allowed.
  • If you fail to side out, then you must serve the next ball.
  • The only way to score a point is to hit a zone, so it is an advantage to receive serve.
  • If you make a dig and hit a zone in transition, then you also score a point.
  • A service ace to the zone also counts

We usually play that you can hit power too if you want. This really tempts the attacker to look for the deep high hit to the far corner, which is a great hit to develop.

If you have extra players, you can let them rotate on after each spike, or play with three teams in a King of the Court scenario. It doesn’t really matter how you organise the game, as long as you are only scoring when you make a perfect shot.

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