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PAF Open – Aland, Finland

Last Updated: September 1, 2021By

The Australian women’s teams are not playing the PAF Open in Finland, but both Men’s teams are still in the qualifiers.

Nothings easy in the men’s draw. First round of the qualifiers Campbell-Carey are up against a couple of 19 years olds from Holland, which sounds good on paper, until you check the bios and realise that this team, Brouwer-Varenhorst, finished second in the U/21 world championship last year. If they get through that match they will be up against the Polish team Fijalek-Prudel who are just coming off a 7th in the last event.

Boehm – Mchugh have a bye in the first round, then play against Norwegens, Horrem-Hordvik which should be a fairly even match looking at the past results of both teams. If the Aussies get through that they will most likely play Benjamin-Franco BRA.

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