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Who will win in Beijing?

Starting with the womens. There’s been one big upset already with the Austrian girls Schwaiger-Schwaiger AUT [18] beating Greece, but I reckon that will be all they do. I would be putting money on Tian Jia-Wang CHN [1], Walsh-May-Treanor USA [2], Barnett-Cook AUS [10] or Ana Paula-Larissa BRA [3]. I’ve thrown the Aussies in there, one because I’m patriotic, and two, because I know that their seeding doesn’t reflect their Olympic performance. Their WT season this year has really been about peaking for this tournament, and Nat has done it before…

The Men? Well Doppler-Gartmayer AUT [16] are off to a great start, beating the Russions who are coming off their first WT win is Klagenfurt. “Carn you Austrians :-) , but like the girls, I think that will be it. The Russians Barsouk-Kolodinsky RUS [9] would need to get very lucky to make it to finals from here too. I think the clear favourites would have to be Rogers-Dalhausser USA [2]. I also think the Ausssies Schacht-Slack AUS [10] are a very good chance if they don’t start to fall apart. They are carrying a few injuries. China are up there and looking strong Xu-Wu CHN [1] and of course the defending champions are always a chance Ricardo-Emanuel BRA [3] but injury might slow them down as well.