Klagenfurt world tour Beach Volleyball 2009


It’s all about to kick off in Klagenfurt again. As some of you know, I am lucky enough to be living in Klagenfurt, Austria at the moment, about 15 minutes from the Grand Slam.

Last year – Klagenfurt grand slam 2008

Last year we saw the kiwi boys; Kirk and Jason play an amazing tournament to secure a 4th (after having match point against Ricardo Emanuel for 3rd). And we saw our favourite “half Ausssie” Mark Williams take the silver medal for the USA with Stein Metzger. It was an awesome tournament.

This year – Klagenfurt grand slam 2009

Mens Tournament: This year, it looks like Kirk and Jason (Lochhead-Pitman) are seeded 15th in the main draw. Pools are yet to be drawn, so we’ll see who they are up against. As far as Aussies go, our only hope was Boehm-McHugh who are in the entry list, but have not appeared in the Qualification team list, so I’ll get back with more info on that later.

Women’s Tournament: There are two Aussie teams in the qualifiers: Rohkamper-Jensen and Palmer-Bawden. Both these teams are floating around the 400 points mark, so they will be seeded about two thirds of the way down the seeding list. Hopefully that will be enough to keep them away from the two Brazilian teams at the top of the draw.