Klagenfurt Grand Slam – Tuesday morning

Caught up with the Aussie boys this morning at the training courts, Sam Boehm and Chris McHugh. They are currently the second reserve team for this tournament, and so will not find out whether they play until the players meeting tonight. We are hoping that at least two other teams withdraw. (Fingers crossed).

The first big game of the qualification tournament is at 12PM today: Rohkamper-Jensen AUS [19] Vs Maaseide-Kongshavn NOR [14]. The winner of this match will play the Swedish team – Lundqvist-Ljungquist SWE [3]. This is a pretty good opportunity for Alice and Heike.

The other Aussie team plays at 1pm: Palmer-Bawden AUS [15] Vs Johns-Boulton GBR [18], and if they win will face the winner of the German country quote (played last night) Banck-Günther GER [2]. They looked pretty tough, but we’ll see what happens.