Jump Serve Routine

A servic routine is highly recommended for any player. the serve is the one time in a match that there are no external factors. You have complete control of the toss, your jump, where you aim. By using a consistant routine, you can really make the most of the opportunity to control your serve well.

My routine starts after I have decided where to serve from, and where to serve to. I have positioned myself about 2.5 metres behind the baseline, made sure the sand is reasonably flat.

  1. Spin the ball once, and whack it to knock any sand off it.
  2. Position the ball into my right hand with the panels aligned.
  3. Choose the spot on the sand I am going to hit.
  4. Visualise my hand contacting the ball, and the follow through of my arm towards the target.
  5. Think “Loose”
  6. Hold the ball out with a straight arm, in line with my shoulder. (At right angles to my chest). Right foot forward.
  7. Throw the ball directly in front of my should so that my arm can swing straight at it.
  8. The rest should take care of itself…