How to Jump Higher

How to Jump Higher

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By Jimi Mcdonald

One of the first topics I run into when I talk to beach volleyball athletes is “how to jump higher“. This is a quick start guide to get you on the right track.

As with all goals that you would like to achieve the first, most important point is to make your goal measurable. I would highly recommend preforming a standing jump test to firstly see how high you are jumping at the moment.

After that write down on a piece of paper how high you want to jump, with a date at when you want to do it.

Once this is done we are ready to move ahead!

When training to jump higher one of the common mistakes people make is to concentrate to much on calf muscles and not enough on your primary thrusters QUADS and HAMSTRINGS.

Calves, glutes and hips are all important, but they aren’t the main focus when you are working out how to jump higher. They will all get worked in the exercises below.

The first step is to build up your strength. If you are a beginner lifter, I would get a trainer to help you through the first month at least, just to get you going. For the intermediate and advanced lifters beware that if you haven’t done leg weights in a while start off slow for the first few weeks just to get into it.

Here is a guide to easing yourself into the first month.

Week 1: 15 reps, Light Weight, Tempo: 4 seconds eccentric phase, 0 seconds pause, 2 seconds concentric phase
Week 2: 12 reps, Light-Medium Weight, Tempo: 4.0.2
Week 3: 10 reps, Medium Weight, Tempo: 3.0.2
Week 4: 10 Reps, Medium Heavy Weight, Tempo: 3.0.1

( Stretch all key lower body limbs and lower back everyday)

Once you have this platform set you are ready roll!

Note: if you jump straight into this program just beware that you will be walking around like the tin man for a few days!

Follow This Program for anywhere up to 6-12 Weeks.

Dynamic Warmup
Squats- 4×4-8 Reps, 2.0.1 tempo, 2-3mins break after each set (concentrating on good depth and being explosive on way up towards roof)

Foward Lunge
3×6-8 Reps, 2.0.1 tempo,1.30-2.30 Break after each set ( Keep it powerful again, watch your form)

Jump Squat
3×8, 1.0.1 tempo, 2mins break at end of each set ( Can add some small weight, set a height goal in your gym, every jump to the moon!)

Romanian Deadlift
2×10, 2.0.2 tempo,1.30 Break at end of each set (your getting tired now watch your form a lot!)

Big stretch Warm Down ( all lower Limbs and lower back )

Follow this in the gym and you’re on the right track to be jumping higher than Julien Prosser or Natalie Cook.

Remember to stretch at the end of every session. Having big strong muscles that can’t move through a range of motion is useless! If you are continuing to play beach volleyball on the weekends, get this program done as early in the week as possible, to limit your fatigue in games.

If in doubt ask your local trainer or feel free to contact me at:

Train hard!



Thanks to Jimi and the personal trainers at New Level Brookvale for providing the information for this article.

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