Beach volleyball birds eye view of court

General strategic tips

Last Updated: September 1, 2021By

Establish your swing rhythm early, you’ll need it late in the game. Jump serving is a good way to do this. Even if you are serving at 70%, it’s good to keep your arm rolling over, especially if the opposition is serving your partner.

Always remember: Big holes get smaller and small holes get bigger. By this I mean that obvious holes are apt to be soon covered or are in fact defensive traps and small holes are soon to be vacated.

A small fake of any kind is most effective and should be incorporated into every attack as a matter of course. The human mind has to process the information and then clear the board so to speak before it can process new information. This causes it to freeze momentarily and is unavoidable. The only way to avoid being “stuck” by a fake is to not look-very difficult to do.