Brazil, Brazil, Brazil…. and Brazil

What’s the story with brazil? How long are they going to dominate the sport? What’s their secret?

Just check out the top 4 positions from Espinho.

I hope you weren’t expecting answers to those questions…. If I knew them I wouldn’t be sitting at hom, drinking red wine and blogging about volleyball.

I should add, just in case you haven’t been paying attention, that Josh and Shachty just finished 4th in the Croatian event. That’s a great result for them, and they have had a few solid results. It’s just a shame they keep knocking off Jason and Kirk to get them.

See the result here.

So the Aussies are ranked 15 now, with the Kiwi guys at 28 and our adopted Aussie Danish guy: Bo SoderBurger sitting at 48, which isn’t too bad either. Mens Rankings