Beach volleyball sunglasses

Beach volleyball sunglasses

Beach volleyball sunglasses

Looking for a good pair of beach volleyball sunglasses at a great price? So was I, and I think I found them.

I finally decided that this season it was time to buy myself some new beach volleyball sunglasses, so I started shopping through the usual stores, looking at the usual brands, and it struck me that $150 was a lot to pay for a pair of sunglasses that would probably live most of their lives in the bottom of my sports bag underneath a wet pair of board shorts and a half eaten sushi roll…

So I started looking around for some alternatives and I found a site offering a good range of sunglasses at extremely good prices. Obviously I was suspicious about the quality, so I decided to test a pair to see if they are any good.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that they are excellent.

I chose the The SW Polarized Sport Style #1681

Firstly, the construction of these glasses is very good. There are no faults or misalignments in the hinges or between the frame and lenses that you often find in glasses in this price range.

I tried two different lenses, the Smoke lense and the Amber lense. The first game I played was in overcast conditions, and the amber lenses were great. (Also very good for mountain biking in the forest ;-) ) The Smoke is better for brighter sunlight. The lense quality is excellent. I couldn’t really tell the difference between these lenses and the brand name glasses that I checked out in the shopping mall.

The frames are light weight and fit well. One of the highlights for me about this particular style is that it pretty much covers my vision completely. The frame is not bulky, and when I look up, I see sky, not the bridge of the frame.

All in all, these glasses are great, and at this price, you can buy three pairs and still pay one third the price of a brand name pair.

Check them out here in the sports range at the Sunglass Warehouse.

You can find the style that I tested here.