Beach Volleyball fitness session with Xandi Huber

This is a pretty tough beach volleyball fitness routine that combines speed, endurance and skill work. Xandi Huber is a back court player, and his game relies on his speed, agility and ball control, so this session is perfect for maximising his strengths.

This routine, as with all his beach volleyball fitness programs were created by Hansi Huber from the Aloha Beach Volleyball Club in Klagenfurt.

This session has five exercises, all of which involve a running component combined with the execution of a skill. The video talks through each exercise in more detail, and you can adapt each exercise to your own training program and skill strengths.

For example, as a blocker, you could do a set where you serve a ball, run to the net and block a ball thrown by the coach, then sprint to the other end of the court and repeat it. There are thousands of possibilities for combining these short sprint sets, with beach volleyball skills.

The basic structure is 8 short sprints – 40 second rest – 5 sets, then a 3 minute rest before the next set of 5 exercises.

You could try running this two or three times through. As you can see from the video, Xandi was pretty wiped out by just two rounds, but he had just trained for 1.5 hours on his side out, so he was already pretty tired when he started.

Have you ever done an interval session like this that combines fitness with beach volleyball skills? Let us know about it in the comments below.

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