Beach Volleyball Drills for 4

Training Wednesday night: cold and dark, but a very good session.

The focus of the training was on passing the ball to the best spot for the setter. (Continuing our theme of improving our team setting.) By making a perfect pass, we are giving ourselves the best opportunity to make a perfect set.

The first drill was a warm up drill and involved a passer, a setter, and a catcher. The fourth player was “coach” and hit balls to the passer over the net from about mid court.

Start with the coach rolling the ball to the passer. The passer passes to the “spot”. The setter moves in to set, the catcher catches. As each player performs their skill, they move to the next one. So; the passer moves to the setting position, the setter becomes the next catcher, and the catcher throws the ball to the coach, and then moves quickly down the line to be the next passer.

The coach can control the difficulty of the drill by speeding up the delivery to the passer, or making the pass more difficult by dropping one short, or either side.

After 30 balls, (10 passes each) we changed “coaches.”