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Australia’s First World Tour Beach Volleyball Tournament

Last Updated: September 1, 2021By

The South Australian Governments generous support of our sport (to the tune of about $5M) has secured 5 World Tour events over the next 5 years at our own Glenelg beach in Adelaide. I know what you are thinking… “why Adelaide.. nobody lives there….” but beggers can’t be choosers, I say. Let’s take what we can get and move it to a better location later. (Worked with the Grande Prix). 😉
But jokes aside, this is huge and wonderful news. To be perfectly honest, I was lost for words when I heard it, and so were a lot of the guys up here. We had always hoped for one event, but 5. Wow!

The Premiers office in SA was instrumental in landing the deal (no surprises there), and have a nice write up here.

I just love this quote: “Hosting this event will help to reinforce the State as being the national leader in beach volleyball…”