Australian Beach volleyball Tours – NSW

Mike Mattern dominating the net.

Mike Mattern dominating the net. Photo stolen from Kim Pederson’s facebook gallery. (Thanks Kim 😉

With a lack of a National Tour, I thought it might be good to have a look at who is leading each of the state tours around the country.

Starting with NSW, we have two international players dominating the scene.

Micheal Mattern is on top of the ladder. He is a German living in Manly. Not a huge player, but consistant, and very hard to defend against with a few wicked cut shots that are impossible to read.

Next up is a Francesco Riginelli. Yet another addition to the French community on the Northern Beaches. Great athlete, hits a bit late, so often quite hard to time a block against, Franc has all the skills and is an exciting player to watch.

The next two players on the rankings are our very own Paul Bourne and Aaron Crook. These guys should need no introduction, and it’s great to see them out there battling away.

In the women’s rankings there is a very exciting player from NZ on top, Pip Soulsby, with her partner Jacinta Mitchard. Jac is a well know campaigner having played quite a few national Tours, but Pip is newer on the scene. Just quietly, I would back her on the World Tour if she can find a strong Kiwi partner.

Next on the list is Alice De Innocentiis with Hanna Rohkamper just behind by a few points. Hanna has been one of the better juniors in the cuontry fro a few years, and is shaping up to be a very strong contender. Alice is new to the scene, all the way from sunny Italy.

More info on the NSW beach tour.
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Queensland, Victorian, South Australian, Western Australian and Tasmanian tour review coming soon.