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Australian Beach Volleyball Tour 2008/2009

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The AVF has just released a statement concerning the tour.

I’ll let you read it and judge for yourself.

To all States, Beach Tour Players and interested parties


As many of you may have now heard, the AVP advised us officially in early October that they will not be the promoters of the Australian Beach Volleyball Tour for 2009. Despite previously having agreed to a five year deal, the recent economic crisis has meant they have been unable to commit to be the promoters and bring along existing sponsors for 2009.

Since that advice was received we have been working directly with Crocs in an attempt to secure them as naming rights sponsor for 2009 and well into the future. These negotiations have been long and challenging. Unfortunately, we were advised this week that Crocs too is unable to commit to a tour for 2009 also due to the economic crisis, but are keen to continue discussions for 2010 and beyond.

It is unclear at this time what we may be able to achieve, but assure you as players, states and beach volleyball enthusiasts that we are doing everything possible. This may mean that for 2009 we deliver only an Australian Championships, but at this point nothing is guaranteed.

The AVF will continue to keep you informed as information comes to hand. In the meantime, we encourage you to participate in state beach events to the best of your ability, maintain your fitness and commitment to beach volleyball so that if any part of a National Tour is manageable you are ready to play.

For planning purposes the current calendar is listed below and our aim is to hold as many of these events as possible.

13 -15 February – Perth
27 Feb – 1 March – Manly
20-22 March – Sth. Melbourne
27-29 March – Adelaide

Please continue to check the AVF website on www.avf.org.au for further news as we are able to deliver it in the most timely fashion possible.

We appreciate your understanding, patience and support.

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