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Aussies on Tour

Last Updated: September 1, 2021By

So, who’s out there at the moment?

Here’s a list of teams on the FIVB rankings, in order of performance, with a few comments on recent results.

16th in the World – Schacht-Slack – Never heard of these guys,.. must be new. ;-)

31st in the World – Lochhead-Pitman – Kiwis, but I’m happy to claim them as part of the “Antipodean Massive”

69th – Wyer-Smith – These guys had a couple of cracks at qualifiers earlier in the year. Seem to be off the radar at the moment.

And that’s it for the guys.


5th in the world! Barnett-Cook How good are they?!?! ’nuff said.

46th – Summer-Jensen Don’t think they have qualified yet.

89th – Romanowski-Palmer

103 – Rohkamper-Romanowski Watch this space! (If only I could find a booky to take a bet on the 2010 World tour rankings)