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A final win for the season

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The 2006 / 2007 season is finally drawing to a close.

I finished it with a win at the 7th Northern Beaches Voleyball Association tournament on Manly beach today. Thanks to a solid performance from my Swiss volleyball partner Stefan Jucker who served aces all day and sided out at about 99%, which made it an easy day for me. Luckily all our oponents stupidly served him all day, despite the fact that my error rate was probably higher than Stef’s.

The lesson here is: don’t choose your service target based on height. Serve the guy who you think will:

  1. Make the most errors
  2. Hit balls you think you can dig
  3. Hit balls you think you can block
  4. Pass to his partner who can’t set. (This one is often overlooked. Serve the best setter.)

If you ever want to see a great display of skill, take a chance to watch this guy down at Manly beach. What he lacks in size he makes up for in an over all skill set that would rival just about any player in Australia.

You can fins the full seasons results at:

Even more exciting, you can see satellite mages of Manly vbeach violleyball courts at: Satellite volleyball courts.

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