A basic setting drill

From training diary season 2005

As mentioned previously, our two main focuses in the short term are 1: to improve our biggest weakness; Setting, and 2: to improve our greatest strength; Serving.

Training on Saturday started with a simple setting drill.

Facing each other across the net, Andy and set the ball to each other, and as we did so, we moved along the net. Down and back 4 times. We then drew a line in the sand 2 metres back from the net, and did the same exercise but this time setting the ball to each other from behind this line. Each time we stepped over the line, we started again.

The first 5 or 6 attempts were terrible, which really highlighted the weakness in that aspect of our game. We drew a line about half a metre closer to the net and managed to get down and back a few times, improving each time, and then went back to the 2 metre line. This time it was better, but we will keep working on that drill until it is easy.

The theory behind this drill is that if you can perform a skill with control across a larger distance than you need to, you’ll find the standard distance easy. We used to do the same thing with passing indoors, bumping the ball from the net to behind the baseline.