Victorian beach volleyball tour

The Victorians also have a great line up of tournaments with about 20 events over the summer. In the mens draw there are some old names floating about, like Al Hinchley, Peter Jones, and Allister Lyne, and they aren’t always winning, so there must be some good juniors floating around. Have a look yourself at:…

Queensland beach volleyball tour

QLD admin just got back to us with a link to their super sexy beach volleyball tour home page: The winners in the mens draw in the latest tourney were Daniel Carey and Isaac Kapa. Both athletes sporting a “AAAA” rating!. Yep, that’s four “A’s” not a typo. I’m not sure Karch even got…

This is a great play

Just saw this on You Tube. It’s from the Adelaide open. The guys who made this video think that Harley Pedro are from Spain, but they got this on tape, so we forgive them. Great example of backing up your partner when he makes an awesome dig.

My kind of Beach Volleyball Tournament

Check out this stack of pizzas. All they needed was a few slabs of beer, which, knowing Carlos was probably hidden under the tournament director’s desk. The NBVA always has a lot of fun events, with plenty of food drink and friendly faces. I definitely recommend getting down there for a tourney if you are…

Australian Beach volleyball Tours – NSW

Mike Mattern dominating the net. Photo stolen from Kim Pederson’s facebook gallery. (Thanks Kim 😉 With a lack of a National Tour, I thought it might be good to have a look at who is leading each of the state tours around the country. Starting with NSW, we have two international players dominating the scene….