10 great beach volleyball videos from Youtube

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I have spent quite a bit of time looking for cool bech volleyball plays on Youtube. This is a collection of ten videos from a range of different levels, but there is good stuff in all of them. Some of them show great rallys and some of them just have one example of a skill performed well, while some show players making up for a lack of skill with a whole lot of effort. Hope you enjoy…

Crazy out of court dig from Pedro.

Great commitment to get the serve that clips the net tape.

Long rally, with a lot of great digs. Awesome example of digging a line shot from China.

Huge block to win the Olympic semi final by Phil Dalhausser. If you are ever serving for the match in an Olympic semi final, do this!

Todd Rogers making life hard for Emanuel.

Perfect cut shot dig from Emanuel.

This great play deserved a better result. Great block cover and defence, but a sloppy set. Check out the follow through on the bump set. Pretty much text book, “how not to do it”. Needed to push it a lot higher.

This is an interesting video focussing only on the backcourt player. Notice how she never guesses, she just waits and reacts.

Nice block peel and dig.

Third time lucky.

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